2023:   ‘E v e r y t h i n g   is   P o s s i b l e’

(Everything is Possible when love strides out of the shadows into warm, weird, wonderful light of day…)

2022: ‘Schoolgirl Terrorist’

(Homework with consequences…) 

2021: ‘Cockroach’

(Stolen nail varnish, a cockroach, no fear…) 

2020: ‘Car Woman’

(Her only escape from incontinence pants & semolina, is the Fiat 124 Spider…)

2018: ‘Sagging’

(6 oddbods are sentenced to compulsory sex rehab, with an unexpected road trip…) 

2017: ‘Frank’

(Frank’s secret will out, despite his macho efforts to hide it…)

2017: ‘Home’

(when a crabby OAP and cocky student collide & collude, it gets messy…)

2016: ‘Welcome to SAG’

(Cannes Film Festival / Babylon European Development Initiative, Quarter-Finalist BlueCat Screenplays USA, Industrial Scripts’ Talent Connector, Honorary)

2015: ‘Saving Abah’ 

(Bim Ajadi’s drama selected for 104 Films’ low budget feature film programme) 

2013: ‘Blasted’

(Award-winning short, Cannes, San Diego Black Film Fest, Clin d’Oeil, UKIVFF, PTFF)