Everything is Possible’: 3-way Transgender, Gay, romance-bromance (penned in a COVID positive haze)…


‘A Rum Love’ film/TV script submitted to Netflix / Sky…


‘Schoolgirl Terrorist’ film script in development…


‘Cockroach’ film script underway…

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Scripting ‘Car Woman’

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Proud to be selected for 4th CINEDEAF Rome International Film Festival 17-19 Nov 2017 at   MAXXI National Museum of Arts of the 21st Century, designed by visionary Dame Zaha Hadid

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Honored to attend as one of three excellent films selected by 8th Clin d’Oeil Festival 6-9 July 2017 (Reims, France) in the ‘SPECIAL PROJECTIONS’ programme

Signs of an Affair

Louis Neethling
Length: 28 minutes

Flora has been married ‘for better or worse’ for 21 years then, suddenly, her husband Fred, doesn’t want sugar in his tea anymore! Something’s wrong! Flora is suspicious and determined to find out the truth but her amateur sleuthing leads to misunderstandings and mayhem and takes Flora to some unexpected places.

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Thin Lines

Shaan Couture
Length: 37 minutes

Leah’s life doesn’t seem to have a meaning. As she gets desperate in her search of fulfillment, her life takes a surprising turn. One night, under unexpected and fragile circumstances, Leah’s path crosses Noah’s, a deaf young man. Noah is a cheerful creator. His imagination and confidence engage Leah’s curiosity.
Through their respective passions, Noah’s drawing and Leah’s music, they go beyond their differences and learn about each others’ worlds. To talk, they use all methods. From body language to sign language, from lip-reading to eye contact, their urge to communicate brings them closer. As they grow inseparable, they gain consciousness of their connection.



Elsa O’Toole
Length: 14 minutes

The lives of 3 men collide in a London toilet with unforeseen consequences, yet this could happen in 42 countries globally, including yours. It is a social ticking time bomb nobody will discuss…will you?

Duane Henry - still 2